Wind Spinners


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USA Shipping Rates for Wind Spinners:

$ 6.95 ($ 0.01-Price $26.95)
$ 9.95 ($27.00 -$49.99)
$11.95 ($50.00-$74.99)
$13.95 ($75.00 and up)

Additional shipping charges to Western States, Eastern States, Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories will most likely be assessed on all orders - email us for a quote


Most orders are sent via USPS Priority mail; FedEx Home may be used for shipping larger orders, USPS 1st class mail will be used for smaller orders.

How long will it take to receive my order?

In stock items are sent within 1-3 business days. Most other orders are sent within 7-10 days or sooner. Items on back order may take longer.

International Orders

We still ship to Australia and Canada frequently. Please note shipping to Australia starts at $45.00; Canada starts at $30.00. If you'd like a quote email us at

Duties and Taxes The buyer is responsible for any duties, taxes, etc. that many countries impose on importing products. Please contact your customs for estimates.

What do I do with a flat spinner?

We do not ship our spinners flat. They are shipped ready to hang with swivel attached. If your spinner becomes flattened from storage; place one hand on top of the spinner and the other hand on the center rings. Then twist the spinner so that the inner rings are 'fanned out'. The rings will move in tandum since they are still attached down the center of the spinner. See illustration below.

wind spinner instructions

Care instructions?

Oil or replace the swivel if it slows down or squeaks. Our spinners are stainless steel, so there is no need to spray anything on them to prevent rusting.

How do I hang my wind spinner?

Shepherd's hook, tree hook, deck hook, planter's hook, ceiling hook, etc. You can purchase these items at your local retail store or hardware store that has a garden center.

Do you wholesale wind spinners?

Sorry we only retail, we do NOT wholesale wind spinners, please no inquiries for wholesale.